True Stories Of Overcoming Depression

True Stories Of Overcoming Depression


Depression is a common but serious mood disorder affecting millions of people all over the world. Statistically, one in ten Americans struggles with depression. Being depressed can make you feel destitute, draining your hope, energy and drive. Behavior change, therapy, and medication can help you to fight back. Overcoming depression is not easy or quick, but possible. Adjustment in lifestyle, physical activity and your way of thinking are some of the natural depression treatments that have helped many individuals overcome depression.

Learning from other people’s stories can help you overcome depression. Below are five true stories of people who overcame depression and how they did it.

1. Kate MacHugh

Kate is a 25 year old author and clinician who overcame depression as a teenager. We all know how teenage life can be complicated for most teenagers. As a teen, Kate was humiliated, harassed and cyberbullied by her peers. It robbed her of her happiness as a young girl and that was the lowest she ever felt in her entire life. She was constantly angry at the world and in no time sunk into depression. Things changed when she went to college. The people holding her back were gone and she decided to focus on what made her special and unique. Believing in herself helped her begin a new path of happiness and success.

2. Lenore Hirsch

Things were moving smoothly for Lenore until she started experiencing depression at 57. Her husband discovered that a brain tumor he had beaten was back, and things started going south. She had to take care of her ailing husband and the pressure was too much on her. They were living in a small house and aiding her husband after his surgery was not a walk in the park. She was constantly crying and writing helped her overcome the depression. Her husband lost the battle with the tumor and she found solace in building her career on writing. Writing helped her fight her demons and focus on important things in life.

3. Jay Lowder

Jay faced depression when he was only 21. At that tender age things took a dark turn; he was unemployed, dumped by his girlfriend and lost his car. To escape from his depression, he turned to alcoholism. He started his journey of overcoming depression by finding God. His roommate introduced him to religion which played a big role in fighting his struggle with depression. A preacher invited him to an event and it is at that event that he revived his faith in God. With renewed faith, he is now an evangelist helping other people by spreading the gospel.

4. Kate Chapman

Kate, now aged 44 used many strategies to overcome her depression. She occasionally slips into depressed moods when she skips her physical or emotional care routine. Comfort foods, aromatherapy and massage therapy makes her feel better. Another distraction she uses is focusing on her artistic career; being creative limits her from slipping into depression.

5. Kim Hardy

For Kim, the cause for her depression was losing her business. She had started the business from humble beginnings and it was unbearable to lose it. She had dedicated so much time and effort. Her state as a loving wife and mother gave a reason to fight the condition. She realized that she had so much to live for. She now helps other people fight depression. She advises people to acknowledge their state, re-evaluate things going on in their lives, focus on themselves and understand that it may be a bit of a struggle to beat it.


Depression is a pervasive feeling that makes you feel like you are in a tunnel with no light. It is not simple to overcome depression, especially for people with major depressive disorder. The common misconception that depression is something that you can just snap out of should be disregarded. The trick is to start small and build your way up. Make positive choices for yourself every day, and you will join other people who have overcome depression. Getting better may take time, but if done correctly and consistently, you will overcome even the most severe or stubbornly persistent depression.